Kamis, 10 Februari 2011

Story about me and drizzle . .

I like the smell of drizzle, I love all of drizzle, drizzle brings me a story about me and you, about how me and you can love each other. drizzle that carries a message about my longing to you. when me and you alone, and saw the drizzle, believe that I was there for you even though I do not look.

Drizzle is the breath. breath my dear, believe me dear, when drizzle is present, I'll be with you. I do not understand why I liked the drizzle, a common situation for everyone when drizzle is present. but to me this is a moment where I can express my feelings.

Actually I've loved since childhood drizzle, but maybe I'm not aware. no one knows I secretly liked the drizzle, I smiled happily feel still of Drizzle

When I felt a drizzle, when I feel it .. . .
I felt him near me ..
when everything in this world hit by drizzle I'm sure all will feel the taste. like me.

when I sleep and shower there, I slept in a drizzle. I feel comfortable, like I felt he was always there for me, near me to sleep in my dreams.

As I learned to love the rain, like that I also learned to love you :')

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